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Macarthur Car Service


Macarthur Car Service

Macarthur Car Service


If you are headed to or from Long Island and you need airport transportation, ISP Limo can help. Our ISP Limo MacArthur Airport rates are some of the most affordable in the area. Best of all, you get to travel in style and comfort when you ride with us. The trip to or from Long Island can seem like it takes forever when you are behind the wheel. If you are traveling for business or headed on vacation, you do not want the stress of fighting traffic and navigating the best routes at any given time. Instead of dealing with the traffic mess on your own, call on our limousine service to do the driving for you. With out ISP Limo   MacArthur Airport rates you can get to or from Long Island in style without breaking the bank.

Macarthur car service

Macarthur Car Service

Macarthur Airport Car Service


For when you need to run away after robbing a bank, or running away from your wedding… JOKE! We do NOT condone law breaking, nor breaking a heart, for that matter. Thank you very much! Pick-up/Drop-off, with the signs of course! We will not insult your intelligence by telling you about what goes on at and or in an airport. We have experience with airports just as much as you do. If this is your first time, however, we will gladly drop you off and wait for you to get tired at the lines and drive back to the nearest bar of your choice. Yup, told you we know about airports!

Macarthur Car Service

Macarthur Car Service

First of all, Happy Birthday! Congratulations on another successful year around the sun! Now, birthdays can be fun or can get really ugly, depending on the pranks the people you trust or don’t trust have planned for you. May we dare ask how old this time around? How many times have you celebrated turning 27 already? 35? Should we card you? Anyone appearing less than one hundred should get carded for being just a baby, but hey! That’s just our opinion, what do we know!

Macarthur Airport Transportation


For, obviously, corporate people that run corporations. We got you guys. We love your suits, by the way! Call us, or email us for your corporate needs and to set up your corporate accounts.What makes NYC so great, is the friendly environment it has created and carved from the ashes time and again for the business people that run this world. World economies go up and down, just how corporations do, just how yours begins and some times it sadly ends, just how ours begun and thankfully we survived decades of the ups and downs, the political changes, the Wall street mishaps, the Wall street greatness.

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The Hamptons
Car Service To Or From
We Do Provide
Car Service To
All North Fork And
 South Fork Area
 JFK to Hamptons’
 LGA to Hampton’s
 EWR to Hampton’s
 ISP to Hampton’s
 Hamptons to All Airports
Corporate Service


When you need a corporate town car in Long Island ,
call Long Island Town Car and limousine service.
We will have one of our professional, discreet,
experienced and helpful chauffeurs arrive at your
door and take you to your desired destination whether
you have an important corporate meeting to attend or you need to
be at a special business event with style.
Providing Airports
Providing Service To   
*ISP*Long Island
MacArthhur Airport
*EWR*Newark International  Airport
*FRG*Long Island Republic   Airport
*HTO*Easthampton  Airport
*FOK*Wesrhampton   Airport
*JFK*John Of Kennedy INT.  Airport
*LGA*New York LaGuardia Airport
Cruise Terminal
We Do Car Service Anywhere From Long Island To
New York City Cruise Terminal
Brooklyn Cruise Terminal
New Jersey Bayonne Cruise Terminal
We Also Do Transportation From
Any Cruise Terminal To All Nassau County
And All Suffolk County
Please Call To Make A Reservation
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